Hunt Imaging originated as the Philip A. Hunt Chemical company in 1909. Founded in Brooklyn, New York by Philip Arthur Hunt, the Company traded in raw "fine" chemicals and mixed chemistry for the motion picture industry. In the late 1950's, the Company added both a research and development laboratory and a new manufacturing plant at the headquarters in Palisades Park, New Jersey.

Shortly thereafter, four operating divisions were established:

  • Photographic chemicals for the emerging color photography and growing x-ray markets
  • Graphic arts chemicals with electrostatic toners for the commercial printing and newspaper industries
  • Electronic chemicals which initially supplied etchants for the new printed circuit board industry
  • Photo resists for use in the developing microelectronics industry

 Hunt's reputation was built on a strong foundation of R&D and quality. The company's innovations included the first liquid concentrate developers to process x-ray films and later graphic arts films and papers. In 1965, Hunt Chemical entered the color photo finishing chemical business with the introduction of liquid concentrate developers for film and paper which offered significant advantages over the powder products available at the time.

They developed the first lower replenishment color developers leading to a comprehensive line of chemical replenishment reduction products. In the later 1960's, Hunt built a photographic chemical manufacturing plant in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. The company also completed a plant in Antwerp, Belgium, which they eventually moved to Temse near Antwerp, to allow for the development of its activities in Europe. Hunt's success brought interest from strategic buyers. Under the Olin Corporation's umbrella in 1984, Hunt developed electrostatic toners for original equipment manufacturers and its photoresist business for the computer industry. In 1989, Olin sold the photochemical portion of Hunt, later renamed Fuji Hunt Photographic Chemicals, Inc.

Finally, in 1996, Olin sold the electrostatic toner division to Mr. William Schmitt. He established a separate company called Hunt Imaging to manage and develop Hunt's imaging products. Hunt Imaging continues its 100-year tradition of developing innovative new products. It has developed new advanced toners and carriers for high-speed printers.  This next era of high-speed toners and imaging products - was marked by Hunt's acquisition of a new high speed toner business. As this new business is transitioned to the Hunt Imaging corporate culture, Hunt has added to its catalog a line of high speed IBM toners.


Hunt Imaging, with over 100 years of imaging chemicals experience, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of  dry and liquid toners and developers.

Hunt Imaging, with over 100 years of imaging chemicals experience, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of dry and liquid toners and developers.